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2 Broke Girls, And Strokes of Goodwill


2 Broke Girls, And the Pretty Problem


Tangled Ever After


2 Broke Girls, And Hoarder Culture


Chuck, Chuck Vs the Curse


Scrubs, My Chopped Liver


Glee, I Kissed a Girl

Glee, I Kissed a Girl

Glee, I Kissed a Girl


Psych, In for a Penny

The Mentalist, Blood and Sand

The Mentalist, Blood and Sand


Scrubs, The Growing Pains


holiday watch list.

so i’ve finished exams and how am super behind on everything. so for these holidays coming up, i’m going to set a goal of finishing all these tv shows that i’ve started/want to start before feb ‘12:

  • arthur
  • babar
  • drake & josh
  • everybody loves raymond
  • fresh prince of bel-air
  • kenan & kel
  • my wife and kids
  • phineas and ferb
  • pretty little liars
  • sabrina, the teenage witch
  • that 70s show
  • the office 
  • the wayan bros
  • will & grace

if you have any more recommendations please give me a shout. or even if you want something to watch during the holidays you can never go wrong with:

  • friends (sitcom)
  • glee (sitcom/drama/musical)
  • merlin (drama)
  • modern family (comedy)
  • my wife and kids (sitcom)
  • scrubs (sitcom)
  • 30 rock (sitcom)

as you can see most of these are sitcoms, cause i mean, who doesn’t like a good laugh?


The Mentalist, Redline

celebratory dance after exams :D 

celebratory dance after exams :D